About Us

We are Angela and Patrizia, we work at Officina Matrimoni,
a breeding ground where ideas and projects are born.
We help brides and grooms plan the details of their wedding.

We are wedding designers, which means we conceive, create and realize the image project of your wedding, from choosing the style, to the settings, the scenic design and all those little details that speak of your special day.

We work with couples who are looking for practical assistance in order to realize every detail of the wedding. Both, with couples who live in another country, but want to celebrate their day in Italy, and with Italian couples, who want to add a touch of personality to their wedding.

Officina dei Matrimoni is called this way because it is a real breeding ground of ideas. Around the large wooden table, we elaborate concepts and ideas, and then we turn them into reality.

We can safely state that we love this job with every fiber of our soul. What we like to do with each couple who chooses us, is “draw ” on our spouses what they really are, to capture their essence, to build with them a dreamlike journey, and to tailor that day so that it remains in their most beautiful memories for ever.

With our work of wedding styling and design, we take care of the visual aspects of the wedding, combining your personal tastes with our “passion for beauty”, artistic skills, and know how.

We think that right from the first meeting, you will feel how much energy and passion we put into your project. We love working alongside you, in a relaxed atmosphere, to let your desires come to the surface and make them come true. We listen to you, to capture those significant details of your story, which we will then turn into an idea, that speaks of your most beautiful day, to you and your guests.

Wedding design and styling

We can work on the complete wedding design, or just a part of it.

We work with

  • Spouses from all over the world who wish to celebrate their wedding in Italy, either as a large wedding or as an elopement of love;
  • Italian spouses who are looking for someone to support and help them. They are brides and grooms who want to create not only a beautiful wedding, but also a special and unique event, because it is designed around their story. We work alongside them, designing the entire setting, or only part of it (for example, only the confit table, or the table of the cake, in the location of the reception or at the setting of the ceremony).

Wedding planning and design

We work with a wedding planner to create and plan a wedding from A to Z, and help the brides and grooms to organize, schedule and plan their most beautiful day without worries. We work closely with many other craftsmen and professionals, and together we create personal projects for the couples who choose us.

Our aim is not to impose something that is fashionable, or the trend of the moment, but to combine your idea of the wedding with your desires, through our ideas, our experience, and our hands, to make your day unique, timeless, and deeply personal.

Officina dei Matrimoni,
two souls for endless projects



I manufacture dreams, I embroider with threads of sky, I tailor pieces of life, a craftswoman in my hands, an embroiderer in my heart….

My name is Angela, when I was very young, I studied Fashion, and worked for a decade with the stylistic studies of major fashion brands. I inhaled elegance, beauty, refinement in every breath, always moving between Bologna, Milan, Rome and Paris, strongly attracted by the fervor that hovered in the ateliers of Haute Couture, and from the Chantilly lace.

But the knowledge I draw the most from, for this work, is the one I gained in my French furniture and interior decoration store, which led me to study design and visual arts.

Over the years, I have kept an innate predisposition for everything I can produce with my hands, which allows me to give life to creations ranging from paper flowers, to realizations in fabric. I chew ideas and drawings like chips, with voracity! I’m always at the next idea and I struggle to keep up with myself!



“The higher you rise, the farther you see; the farther you see, the longer you dream.”

My name is Patrizia, since I was a little girl, I loved to learn about different cultures through books, and this led me to study languages and to work in foreign trade for important companies. I have thus acquired a cosmopolitan mentality, which allows me to relate with spouses and suppliers from all over the world.

But what drives me to do this job is my love for everything that is a Material. Every piece of wood, iron or any other material, preferably recovered, triggers my imagination and my creativity.

I love mountains and mountaineering, which have taught me an important lesson in life: it is not reaching the top that gives you the greatest satisfaction, but the journey you make to get there. And in every project we work on, I live these feelings, loving and appreciating every single moment.


My mother often says that, when as a child I used to get lost during our family Saturday afternoon strolls, she unfailingly knew where to find me, i.e. with my nose stuck onto the nearby bridal atelier’s shop window!

This passion has accompanied me throughout my whole life, making me spend tons of money on fabulous bridal magazines (it was the before the Pinterest age, you know…), while I got an education in foreign languages, philosophy and marketing and eventually developed a career as export area manager in the Italian design tile industry, which enabled me both to keep broadening my world, dealing with many different mindsets and habits, and to be part of the exciting world of the interior design, that has always made up for the other 50% of my newsstand purchases.

In 2011, all these lifelong passions collided into the perfect job for a newlywed that didn’t feel like rushing through Europe any longer, and so I devoted myself to become a wedding planner, first learning all the job’s secrets at one of the finest Italian destination w.p agencies, and then becoming an independent professional.

Even though I have always been obsessed with everything that combines style with the art of conviviality, I must confess my best assets lie in the empathy that I develop with my clients and in the joy that putting all the necessary ingredients for their unforgettable day together gives me, making of me a blissful and tireless planner and coordinator. In other words, as much as I’d like to, I’m no professional and trained creative stylist, that’s why the bond with Angela and Patrizia is the perfect match, for it enables each of us to focus on what we are really good at, thus creating a fantastic working team, fully devoted to our beloved couples.