Your Wedding in Parma

What about Parma? We could talk about its centre, with artistic masterpieces, wide green areas, small and big treasures of different ages. Anyway, Parma is much more than this. It is the second biggest city of Emilia Romagna, following Bologna. As many cities of this region, Parma welcomes, visitors or citizens, with an elegant and refined atmosphere, as in a small capital.

Thanks to its beauty and peculiarity, Parma has been named Italian capital of culture of 2020 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
The city is divided into two parts by the river of the same name, which rises between the Apennines and the Po valley.

Parma between art and music
Parma is famous for its aristocratic origins and the cultural traditions. It is known for being the homeland of famous personalities, as the musicians Verdi and Toscanini, the painters Correggio and Parmigianino, the engraver, typographer and printer Bodoni.

Parma ‘food’
Parma’s gastronomic tradition has not to be underestimated. It offers both cured meats and cheeses and great first courses of fresh pasta. And what about Parma ham or the culatello of Zibello?

Parma, as the whole Emilia Romagna, is famous for the good food and company.

Getting marry in Parma

Getting married in this sweet land is a very suggestive experience. In the nearby countryside, it is easy to find ancient, romantic and enchanting villas, with a rich history behind them, as Villa Ferrari, in Gussola. It is surrounded by the green of centuries-old trees and wonderful flowers. It was built between the end of the ‘500s and the beginning of the ‘600s and it was the holiday court of the noble family of Conti Magio. It seems to be born to welcome weddings, celebrations and parties.

Villa Ferrari is unique for its intimate and exclusive atmosphere. It has maintained those features that bring back to the ancient charm and distinction of its age.

Otherwise, if you feel as princesses and princes and you want to live your fairytale, the most evocative and sumptuous choice is the Tabiano Castle. An entire authentic castle for you to celebrate your greatest day and live your dream between frescoed rooms, panoramic balconies and gardens. Next to the castle, there is a wonderful Romanesque church, where you can celebrate your wedding. Otherwise, you can choose to opt for the private chapel of the castle.

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