Elopement & Intimate Wedding in Italy

The two of you, a romantic destination, the desire to say yes, I do. What could be more romantic?

There’s no reason to believe an intimate wedding is less emotional than a traditional one.

It is true, you won’t have all your friends and relatives with you, but intimate celebrations have certain advantages you shouldn’t underestimate : there is more time for you to spend  with your guests, you will love locations with breathtaking views reserved only for a fews. It is possible to choose between spectacular villas surrounded by wood, gentle hills, on the top of a cliff facing blue waters. Stunning views that only Italy offers.

An intimate wedding doesn’t mean simple! When the wedding is small, you have the possibility to go all out: an elaborated menu, an important wine list, extra details you will be able to include in your budget. Details become important because all is noticed, so careful attention to detail is called for. We will define everything with you considering your personal experience and traditions. This is our approach.

This service is appropriate for those who want to have an intimate wedding with gorgeous details.

Wedding planning and design for an intimate wedding

This service is dedicated to brides and grooms who want to celebrate their intimate wedding, or  elopement , and they an help to manage all details for setting up the best wedding ever.

It is included:
  •       A meeting to know  each other. We are curious to better understand     your likes and interests, in person or via Skype, if you are far away.
  •       Our experts will support you to define the italian area and venues perfectly fitting your expectations and tailored for your wedding ceremony.
  •      We create your own mood board in colors, shapes and styles, with a secret folder shared with you on Pinterest, and dedicated to you.
  •     We suggest experiences, cadeau and additional evocative moments to share with your guests.
  •     We design and sketch   the main angles, to better highlight mood and atmosphere.
  •     We assist you with the bureaucratic side of your marriage.
  •     We define with you the event timeline.
  •     We establish  spaces and layouts for the wedding ceremony and reception
  •      Shortly before the event, we logistically organize your wedding throughout the day together with the other suppliers.
  •     We guarantee our presence throughout the day of the event, to set up and dismantle, as well as coordinate.
  •     Unlimited phone calls and emails are included.

Price 3.800,00 €

If you are planning your wedding and you need help to define just a few details, and a few angels, or you want to organize an intimate ceremony for a few guests, and you need help, so as not to do everything yourself, we can help you.

We are Angela and Patrizia, we work at Officina Matrimoni, a breeding ground where ideas and projects are born.

We help brides and grooms plan the details of their wedding. We are wedding designers, which means we conceive, create and realize the image project of your wedding, from choosing the style, to the settings, the scenic design and all those little details that speak of your special day.

Do you need further information or asking anything?