Wedding Planning & Design in Italy

Maybe you are at that time when you are looking for inspiration for your wedding on the web. The big question has arrived, the ring on your finger reminds you that it’s all true, soon you’ll be married. And you start fantasizing about your best day. You’ve started looking around, imagining the dress of your dreams, and thinking about all the details you’d like to realize. You browse the web looking for something that will help you find the right way to plan your wedding.

It will be the most important day of your whole life, the moment when your happiness will be going through the roof, and you will live your fairy tale.

Each couple is different and special: each one has dreams and desires to realize, especially when it comes to the wedding. It’s a special day and nothing can be left to chance. Especially if you have decided to get married in Italy and you live in another country. How to organize and plan everything without being here?

If you are looking for someone to organize and plan the wedding you have always dreamed of, we can do the job for you.

This service is designed for a wedding from A to Z. Thanks to the valuable collaboration with the Wedding Planner, we can work in synergy to design, create, and implement your wedding, so you just have to think about dreaming and being happy.

This service is designed for couples who want everything to be perfect, that the wedding is tailored to their desires, and that everything they have always dreamed of will finally come true.

How the wedding planning and design service works

The bride and groom

We can organize and plan the wedding for

  • couples living in another country, but who would like to celebrate the big yes in Italy.
  • Italian couples who need practical assistance in organizing and planning everything.
How the wedding planning and design service works
  • We meet to get to know each other and to know every detail of you and your wishes. We can do it in person or via Skype, if you are far away.
  • If you already have a wedding planner, we can get in touch with him or her, or we can work with professionals we trust.
  • After our meeting, together with the wedding planner, we start planning your wedding and we share the plan with you, and then we really start creating your event.
  • We assist you and advise you on the various choices: where to celebrate your ceremony, the location for the reception and the party; what style to give to your wedding and how to define it for the ceremony and the party.
  • We immediately set the wedding design machine in motion and create the moodboard customized in colors, shapes and styles with a secret folder shared with you on Pinterest and dedicated to you.
  • We design the sketches of the main angles to better highlight mood and atmosphere.
  • We will accompany you to the chosen location, to define the spaces together, based on the choices we have made together.
  • We plan your wedding throughout the day, taking care of studying together with the wedding planner, the florist and the graphic designer we trust, the arrangement of the ceremony and the creative details, the welcome in the location, the atmosphere and all the small but essential details.
  • We guarantee our presence throughout the day of the event to set up and dismantle, as well as coordinate.
  • Unlimited phone calls and emails are included.

Up to 60 person
5.000,00 €

From 60 to 100 person
5.800,00 €

Over 100 person
contact us for a quote

We are Angela and Patrizia, we work at Officina Matrimoni, a breeding ground where ideas and projects are born.

We help brides and grooms plan the details of their wedding. We are wedding designers, which means we conceive, create and realize the image project of your wedding, from choosing the style, to the settings, the scenic design and all those little details that speak of your special day.

With the service of wedding planning + design you will have a comprehensive service of everything you need to realize your dream wedding!

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