Wedding Design & Styling in Italy

The day of the wedding is a special day. You spent days and months dreaming about how to do everything to have a perfect celebration, so that it really speaks of your story.

Maybe you are in front of your computer browsing through images for some hint and inspiration, on Google or Pinterest, or following some hashtag on Instagram. You look, you browse and you start to get an idea of what you want, but then your head starts getting filled and your thoughts confused: will it be better a pastel color or a more defined theme? Flowers or plants? And what about the candles?

It will be the most important day of your whole life, the moment when your happiness will be going through the roof, and you will live your fairy tale.

To organize every detail of your wedding, it takes a lot of time and energy. You have many ideas in your head, maybe too many, and at some point, you may feel lost and overwhelmed. Or maybe you have chosen to get married in a distant location, and you need someone to whom you can entrust your choices, because you want everything to be perfect.

And that’s where we come in.
When you have a ton of ideas in your head, you don’t know where to start, and you feel that you could really use help in planning the wedding that you have always wanted, a Wedding Designer is the answer.

What does a wedding designer do?
A wedding designer is not a wedding planner, but not even a florist. He is a guardian angel who helps the bride and groom find a precise and personal style that can speak of themselves in that special day, in every little detail.

We help you plan the wedding you have always dreamed of, following the style you are looking for, listening to your ideas and organizing them to make sure that your day is as you have always dreamt it.

How we work?

Our approach is to create a project that speaks about yourselves, tells your story, always taking into account your needs.
We will listen to your story carefully, from which we will take inspiration, we will organize your ideas, and translate them into reality. We will create a solid project that gives your wedding a deeply personal character, and a touch of personality that will surprise you and your guests.

And, above all, we will work to allow you the joy of experiencing peace and tranquility before, during and after the wedding. The moments that precede the day of the wedding are frantic, we work constantly to plan and set up; the ones that follow are those where one takes care of dismantling, closing, disassembling, removing everything; and the during, which will be your perfect day, does not need mishaps, but every moment that you live must be full, rich and exciting.

Who are our bride and grooms

We love to work alongside couples who have big dreams, want a wedding as they envisioned it, but do not know where to start. They want to be free and relaxed, and they just want to think about living every emotion on their most important day.

This service is designed for couples who want every detail to be perfect, that the wedding be a story written about their desires, and about the dreams that they keep in their hearts, and that they would like to become reality.

We can plan the wedding for:
  • couples who live in another country, but would like to celebrate the big yes in Italy.
  • Italian couples who need practical assistance in planning all the details of their wedding or a part of it.
  • For couples who need help in customizing some detail or some angle. For example, you may have already thought of church, invitations and participation, wedding favors, but you need help to set up the location or a part of it, such as the table of the cake or confit. In this case, a la carte wedding design is the right thing for you.

Wedding design and styling service

We will accompany you throughout the design process, from beginning to end. We will assist you in the choice of colors, moods, with all the settings and creative decorations, customizing everything according to your taste, style, and your uniqueness as a couple

We will introduce you to high-level suppliers we trust and who, above all, can meet your needs and desires. We will negotiate and agree on everything. We will go together into the details that define your unique event, and truly build it around you. Our goal is to make your wedding truly unforgettable, for you and your guests.

What’s included:
  • We meet to get to know each other and to better know your tastes and interests, in person or via Skype, if you are far away.
  • We create the moodboard customized in colors, shapes and styles with a secret folder shared with you on Pinterest, and dedicated to you.
  • We design the sketches of the main angles, to better highlight mood and atmosphere.
  • We will accompany you to the chosen location, to define the spaces together.
  • We plan your wedding throughout the day, taking care of studying together with the wedding planner, the florist, and the graphic designer we trust, the arrangement of the ceremony and the creative details, the welcome in the location, the atmosphere, and all the small, but essential details.
  • We create the sketches of the main angles to better highlight mood and atmosphere.
  • We guarantee our presence throughout the day of the event, to set up and dismantle, as well as coordinate.
  • Unlimited phone calls and emails are included.

With the wedding design and styling service you will have a wedding designed around you, that will speak of your story, and your uniqueness. It will move you, and make you feel part of something that you feel truly yours, and that is just as you always dreamt it.

Wedding design à la carte

If you are looking for a guide, but want to participate actively in the organization of the wedding, we can help you with the wedding design à la carte. This is a service designed to plan just the portions of the wedding that you decide.
This is for you, if you already know how you want your wedding, you’ve already bought some things that you like, and you need someone to put it all together.

To understand how to work for your wedding, we will meet live (if we are close) or via Skype (if we are distant).

What is included in the service:
  • A first meeting to get to know each other. You will explain to us what you have already chosen, and what you would like, with your indication of the budget. It is important to understand everything, so we can propose something to you that is close to your desires, and at the same time respects your budget.
  • Creating a Moodboard. After we meet, we will create a personalized moodboard, and will share with you a secret Pinterest folder, dedicated to you.
  • A visit with you to the location, to define the spaces. It is very important to always check the spaces in person, in order to have a complete overview.
  • Set-up and dismantling. We will set up the agreed area, or angle, and also take care of the dismantling, at the end of the event.
  • Unlimited phone calls and e-mails are included!

If you would like our help in planning the entire setting, or if you are looking for a guide, because you would like to participate actively in the organization of your wedding, write us or call us. We will talk about it together, and we will prepare a proposal for you.

We will guide you in the creation and realization of a personalized event, and at the same time, we will collaborate with a selected list of wedding professionals, to help you create a truly unforgettable and exciting event.

If you are looking for someone to make your wedding truly unique, and just as you’ve always dreamt it, write to us and tell us what you have in mind.

We are Angela and Patrizia, we work at Officina Matrimoni, a breeding ground where ideas and projects are born.

We help brides and grooms plan the details of their wedding. We are wedding designers, which means we conceive, create and realize the image project of your wedding, from choosing the style, to the settings, the scenic design and all those little details that speak of your special day.

Do you need further information or asking anything?

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