Choose the Wedding Favors

Wedding favors as a small gift to thank those who decide to be part of the joy of the wedding couple.

If you are organizing your wedding, you are certainly asking yourself: favors yes or not? The favor is a gift for your guests, to thank them for sharing a special moment in your life. And it’s something of you that will remain among their memories.
The wedding favor fits any type of marriage, religious, civil, symbolic because it is a popular tradition not tied to a particular cult.

The origins of the wedding favor

The word wedding favor (bomboniera in Italian) derives from the French “bonbonnière”, the box containing the bonbons. In ancient times, the wedding favors contained honey-covered almonds, which later became confetti.
The wedding favor refers to a very ancient Italian custom and since then it has maintained an auspicious meaning.

Donating to the guests, a wedding favor has a double meaning: on the one hand it is a souvenir of the wedding and on the other hand, it is a way to thank the guests for their presence and for the presents received.

The confetti: how many to put inside the wedding favor?

We have said that the wedding favor has an auspicious meaning. The etiquette and good manners teach us that confetti must always be in odd numbers, also because the disparity symbolizes the indivisibility of the couple, and this is very romantic!
Usually, you put five sugared almonds that represent fertility, long life, health, wealth and happiness.
You can also choose to put less: three or just one.

The symbolism is different, but it always concerns the auspicious. Let’s see the differences:

  • 5 confetti symbolize fertility, long life, health, wealth and happiness;
  • 3 confetti represent the couple and the child;
  • 1 confetto means the indivisibility of the spouses.

The etiquette of the favor

What does etiquette teach for wedding favors? Who chooses them? To whom you should give them and how? How many to put in the wedding favor? Let’s see together what good manners say.

  • The bride chooses the wedding favors to give away.
  • They must all be the same, except those for witnesses, which should be of greater value. Often the gift given to the parents of the couple can also be different.
  • They can be distributed by the wedding couple at the end of the wedding party.
  • They are also delivered to those who did not attend the wedding party but who gave a gift, sent flowers and plants within twenty days of the wedding date. Different for those who sent a telegram: in this case, a handwritten ticket and a bag of confetti will always be enough, always in odd numbers. If some guests cannot participate, they are delivered before the wedding, but only after receiving the gift, never before.
  • A wedding favor is delivered for each household. Two wedding favors are given to engaged couples.
  • If you decide to give only a confetti bag, choose the end of the wedding party.
  • In the wedding favor there must always be a tag: it must contain the first names of the couple and the date of the wedding.
  • If you do not want to make the favors, you can opt for the solution of the sweet table prepared for the wedding party. Guests can taste different confetti. They should always be served with a spoon (even better silver) and never taken with your hands.
  • Even if you decide not to make favors, a gift to witnesses is a must to thank them for their role.
  • Take care of the favor packaging and remember the gift must always represents the couple and stay on the wedding mood topic.
  • To better distribute the favors during the wedding party it is useful to place a table with the favors near the exit.
  • If you do not want to distribute them at the end of the wedding party, the etiquette allows you to place the favors on the tables as a placeholder, if these are not too bulky.

When to deliver the favor to the guests

There are several possibilities. Usually, the wedding favor is delivered by the spouses to the reception, before the guests leave. Or, already placed on the mise en place as a placeholder.

Some ideas to choose the favor

Precious, supportive, homemade wedding favors. There is an embarrassing wealth of options!
Choosing wedding favors is one of the steps of a good wedding organization and should never be underestimated. Everything needs time, attention and care.
Finding something that represents the bride and groom, that is in line with the style of marriage may not be an easy task, but with some suggestions you can find the right idea for your guests.
They are not a useless thing as many may think. Whatever you choose, it will remember your guests, friends and relatives the emotions experienced on your special day.
It may also be a little souvenir, but there has to be! The Etiquette also says this.

Look for harmony

Before looking for the right wedding favor, it is important to stop and think about the style you have chosen for your wedding.. Every element, including wedding favors, must be in harmony with everything. You cannot offer a jute bag if the style you have chosen is elegant or urban, for example, but they will be perfect for an eco-chic wedding.

In line with all the style of the wedding

If you have chosen a theme or you have decided for a particular style, each element of the wedding must be coherent, from the bride’s gown to the ceremony, from the seating chart to the centerpieces, from the invitations to the wedding favor. Each element will have to perfectly match everything else because it has been studied down to the smallest detail.

Choose them well made

Wedding favors are a gift, but they are also something that represents the bride and groom. Choose something that is done carefully, homemade for example. Handmade does not mean expensive, but attention to details.

Find the perfect wedding favor

Once you have chosen the style (the theme, the colour, the materials, etc.), do some research on the internet, go around small markets, homemade things’ shops and get inspired. We suggest you create a Pinterest board to collect ideas and find out what shape, colour, size you like the most and what would make your guests happy.

Do you want help finding your style?

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