Your Wedding in Florence

Florence is a perfect city to get married. Many couples from each part of the world dream a wedding in the Renaissance cradle and a lot of them, at the end, really choose to get married in this beautiful Tuscan city.
The buildings of stone , Ponte Vecchio, Signoria Square and the hills all around it make Florence the best place for an unforgettable wedding.
Since it is extremely loved by directors for its charm, Florence is often chosen for many movies. Some examples are “A room with a view”, by James Ivory and the recent colossal “Inferno”, by Ron Howard, from the Dan Brown’s bestseller.

Remember to book really in advance any ceremony you prefer, religious, civil or symbolic, because Florence is very popular and sought-after.

Civil ceremony in Florence
Palazzo Vecchio is where the town hall is located. It overlooks the wonderful and famous Signoria Square. It is the perfect place for a wedding with a civil ceremony. The spouses will be in the heart of the city, surrounded by the most beautiful monuments of Florence and its most famous glimpses. It is an amazing city and one of the most renowned Italian scenery. thinking to Italy and its beauties, it is impossible not to refer to this Tuscan important city. It is one of most preferred Italian cities with Rome and Venice.

Celebrating a wedding in Florence means making that day even more unforgettable.

Religious ceremony in Florence
Whoever wants a religious ceremony can choose to celebrate it in one of the various small churches on the top of hills around Florence. An old church in the middle of the countryside is perfect for a private and romantic wedding and will surely offer an enjoyable and typically Italian atmosphere to the ceremony and the reception. If you will choose a small church on a hill around Florence, the reception could take place in one of the villas with a garden, in a farmhouse in the middle of the hills or on the top of them, just outside Florence, in order to have a breathless view of Florence and of the Tuscan countryside.

Getting married in Florence

Villa Mangiacane
It is a wonderful villa of the Renaissance, very near Florence. It is restored and furnished accurately, to satisfy those clients that look for a luxurious atmosphere.
Thanks to the elegant four-star hotel located very near , it is possible to accomodate 60 guests, comfortably. It is the perfect number for this building, that will have also a covered structure starting from 2019 season granting a valuable plan B
The reception is very beautiful: from the park, jewel of the estate, to the wide porch with a view on Florence, the swimming pool and the wonderful garden in front of the magnificent façade.


Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte
It is a unique exception in the wide group of the historical Tuscan structures. In fact, this villa of the Renaissance was built a few miles out of the centre of Florence with the specific aim of welcoming only parties and receptions. This peculiarity makes this villa still perfect for the purpose even after centuries, first of all for its position. It also embraces the most famous Tuscan valleys, and has an unforgettable Italian garden, south of the villa, where its geometries are embellished by various fountains and statues. At the end, the villa has also a magnificent sequence of internal rooms that culminates with the dance hall, which is a long frescoed gallery, realized by masters of the Renaissance. All this makes Villa Corsini an incomparable destination for events with even more than 200 guests.
Unlike the great majority of Tuscan villas, it is not possible to stay there, but since its very short distance from Florence, this problem can be solved easily.


Villa Medicea di Lilliano
It is an ancient villa located just outside Florence and it is part of a farm that produces oil and wine. The secret of this magical place is firstly the variety of locations used for receptions (a splendid terrace with a view on the surrounding hills, the courtyard of the entrance with a stone fountain and finally the gardens organized on different levels and adorned with big jars containing lemon plants). Moreover, another aspect that makes this place special is the attention used to restore and furnish the five apartments in the villa and the other five a few metres from it.
Regarding the plan B, solutions are less convincing but possible, by the way. They are ideal for groups for a maximum of 100 guests.


Live Florence, falling in love with Florence
It is difficult to say what does enchant of Florence , and the answer would probably be “everything”. a long list of monuments, courses, views, corners, and sunsets: fundamentally, a set of emotions raised after having spent some time in this unforgettable city.
Florence remains in everyone’s memories: its lights at the sunset on Ponte Vecchio, or those of the lampposts through Lungarno, the chromatic harmony and the elegance of the Renaissance in every corner and street, the charm of artisanal shops, the everyday life and the authenticity of local markets.
Florence is a continuous discovery of streets, alleys and buildings, between Italian history, art and culture. Its allure does not concern only the city, but also the surrounding area: the Boboli gardens, which is the lovers’ reign and the town of Fiesole, a terrace where it is possible to see the best view on Florence.

Florence and the hills around give a flow of emotions by night, by day, at the sunset, in summer or winter, to keep in the own heart. It is enough to close the eyes.

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