Your Wedding in Siena

Together with Florence, Siena is one of the lovest tuscan cities. Differently from Florence, though, Siena has a more romantic allure, maybe because less visited and thanks to his timeless charm.

Siena lays on three hills surrounded by an idyllic rural landscape. walking away from the center, you will jump directly in a countryside that still seems the one painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in his “Allegoria del Buon Governo” (Allegory of Good Government) situated inside the Palazzo Pubblico.
Siena has been kept intact for centuries and today it seems as it was in 1300: the preservation of its unique and coherent medieval architectural heritage is one of the reasons to visit it. The Palio of Siena is the impressive expression of that unique ancient atmosphere.


Siena and the good food
Among the various traditions of this ancient city with Etruscan origin, you can’t forget the food. In addition to pici senesi, boar meat cooked differently, cold cuts and other delicious dishes, sweets are the top specialties of Siena, which boasts the major confectionery tradition of all Tuscany. We invite you to try ricciarelli, the panforte, the panpepato, the rice pudding, cavallucci or copate. You will not regret it!

Getting marry in Siena

Piazza del Campo is the heart of Siena. It is spectacular spending some time sitting in the square with an irregular form, getting a drink in the late afternoon, as it is considered one of the most beautiful squares of Europe.


Duomo of Siena
The Cathedral of Siena is simply astonishing and one of the most spectacular piece of art in Tuscany. A beauty which will leave you speechless. A gothic magnificence , rich of treasures in it (the mosaics of the floor have just been repaired and they are breathless).


The Chianti Valley
The Chianti Valley includes part of Siena district, and, in addition to be the birthplace of the famous wine, it is also an enchanted piece of Tuscany surrounded by small perched villages as Castellina and dense vineyard as Radda in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti.


The Orcia Valley
The Orcia valley has become part of the imagination of all those who dream spending some days in Tuscany.Sweet green hills with cypresses, a sunny trail descending from the summit. This is the Orcia Valley, just south of Siena. It is rich of medieval and rural castles, typically Tuscan, charm villas and hills covered with cypresses and grapevines.


Borgo Stomennano: the quintessence of the authentic and timeless Tuscan elegance. It is a small village with the view on the ancient fortification of Monteriggioni. It is majestic and surrounded by olive trees. It has a long cypress-lined road and plain Italian gardens that lead to the ancient façade. Inside, the welcoming and warm apartments make it also familiar. The apartments are separated by wonderful and romantic rose gardens. The cozyspaces allow a flowing and harmonic development of all moments of the reception. Possibly, there is also a “plan B”, which is a barn full of charm. It is perfect for events with a maximum of 100 guests.

Siena has a synagogue too, and it is chosen by many foreign couples who want to get married in Italy with a Jewish ceremony.

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