Your Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most known and loved Italian regions, especially abroad. “It embodies all that in Italy is seduction – spectacular landscapes, perfect climate, endless art and architecture and a tempting culinary mix” the Telegraph wrote.

It is all true.

Borgo Stomennano: the quintessence of the authentic and timeless Tuscan elegance. It is a small village with the view on the ancient fortification of Monteriggioni. It is majestic and surrounded by olive trees. It has a long cypress-lined road and plain Italian gardens that lead to the ancient façade. Inside, the welcoming and warm apartments make it also familial. The apartments are divided by wonderful and romantic rose gardens. The snug spaces allow having a flowing and harmonic development of all the moments of the reception. Possibly, there is also a “plan B”, which is a barn full of charm. It is perfect for events with a maximum of 100 guests.


Villa Mangiacane
It is a wonderful villa of the Renaissance, very near Florence. It is restored and furnished accurately, to satisfy those clients that look for a luxurious atmosphere.
Thanks to the elegant four-star hotel located very near the front gate of the villa, it is possible to host more or less 60 guests, comfortably. It is the perfect number for this building, that will have also a covered structure from 2019 season. In this way, in case of bad weather, there would be a plan B.
The spaces that host the reception are all very beautiful: from the park that enhances the estate, to the wide porch with a view on Florence, the snug area with the swimming pool and the wonderful garden in front of the magnificent façade.


Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte
It is a unique exception in the wide group of the historical Tuscan structures. In fact, this villa of the Renaissance was built a few miles out of the centre of Florence with the specific aim of hosting only parties and receptions. This peculiarity makes this villa still perfect for the purpose even after centuries, first of all for its position. It also embraces the most famous Tuscan valleys, it has an unforgettable Italian garden, south of the villa, where its geometries are embellished by various fountains and statues. At the end, the villa has also a magnificent sequence of internal rooms that culminates with the dance hall, which is a long frescoed gallery, realized by masters of the Renaissance. All of this makes Villa Corsini an incomparable destination for events with even more than 200 guests.
Unlike the great majority of Tuscan villas, it is not possible to stay there, but since its very short distance from Florence, this problem can be solved easily.


Villa Medicea di Lilliano
It is an ancient villa located just outside Florence and it is part of a farm that produces oil and wine. The secret of this magical place is firstly the variety of locations used for receptions (a splendid terrace with a view on the surrounding hills, the courtyard of the entrance with a stone fountain and finally the gardens that are organized on different levels and adorned with big jars containing lemon plants). Moreover, another aspect that makes this place special is the attention used to restore and furnish the five apartments in the villa and the other five a few metres from it.
For what concerns the plan B, solutions are less convincing but possible, by the way. They are ideal for groups for a maximum of 100 guests.

Getting marry in Tuscany

Choosing Tuscany as a place where to celebrate your wedding is a great idea. It is a region that satisfies various needs.


Villages and small centres
For those who desire to get married in the history, between medieval villages and cities of art.

In particular, villages seem to be drawn to become locations of celebrations and weddings of happy couples who look for a particular wedding with magical symbols.
Lucignano, for example, is the gem of Valdichiana. There, it is kept the tree of love, also known as Tree of life or golden tree, a masterpiece of golden art. It is a reliquary in arboreal style, adorned with corals, crystals and stones. It is considered an authentic amulet and a talisman for lovers. Since 2002, on February 13th and 14th, it occurs Segni d’amore (Signs of love), an event for couples who want to exchange mutual promises in front of the Tree to seal eternal love.

What to say about Pienza? Another city dedicated to love. It is even in the name of its streets: Kiss street, Love street, Darkness street, good fortune street. Here, it is enjoyable to get lost in this: endless maze of alleys and narrow streets that clamber through the entire historic centre of the city.
A village that will enchant you, as happened to Franco Zeffirelli, who chose Pienza as setting for the movie dedicated to the most romantic story ever, Romeo and Juliet.


In town
And if you prefer a bigger city? Plenty of choices.

Florence is the provincial county seat and one of the most famous cities of the world.
Lucca, a jewel you will fall in love with as soon as you will arrive. surrounded by walls of the XVI century, the square, with its bizarre elliptical form, is the soul of the city
Siena is located in the middle of the region, between the sea and the Apennines. In a journey through Tuscany, you can’t miss it. It is famous for the Palio and for its wild and amazing landscapes. Have you ever seen any photo of the clays of Siena? They are breathless, as well as all Tuscan landscapes.
Last, but not least, Pisa is one of the maritime Republics, together with Amalfi, Genova and Venice. It offers various glimpses: Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracles square), with the famous leaning tower and the Cathedral. Moreover, there are different options to celebrate weddings with a civil ceremony in gardens, palaces, deconsecrated churches, but even Catholic ceremonies in elegant churches.


Chianti and Orcia Valleys
The Chianti Valley is probably the symbol of a romantic and bucolic location for weddings. The sweet hills, vineyards, olive groves, cypresses-lined roads, Medieval castles, as Monteriggioni, typical rustic Tuscan villas and small churches, nestled in heavenly places.
Even the Orcia Valley is outstanding. Time seems to have stopped and everything is filled by a natural, ancient and traditional allure. Montalcino is an example: it is a timeless, small town and , in the centre, the Saint Antimo abbey tells faith and uniqueness.
In the southeast part of Tuscany, we can find Valdichiana and Valdarno, where the cities of Arezzo, Anghiari, Montepulciano and Cortona arise, and they could become the background for your wedding in town.


Eating in Tuscany
Tuscan food is one of the most famous in Italy. Its meals can’t go unnoticed, pappardelle with boar sauce, pici from Siena, tomato soup, ‘ribollita’ and the’ rosticciana’ are delicious. Tuscany is famous also for hams, salamis, of boar too, the ‘finocchiona’ and the Colonnata lard. But also fiorentina steak, the Lampredotto, the boar and, between cheeses, the Tuscan pecorino have to be tasted. Also desserts are famous, as ‘cantucci’ and Panforte from Siena.

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