Your Wedding in Venice

According to a great amount of people, Venice is a magical, extraordinary and unique city. If you would choose this place as location for your wedding, it is because you opted for romanticism and magnificence.

By the way, Venice requires a very careful organization, in order to manage everything and to have a perfect wedding.

Venetian gifts
Venice is magic at every corner. It is famous for its buildings, its pastel houses reflected in the water its alleys (called typically “calli”) and narrow streets where it is possible to hear the echoes of the people steps and the passage of gondolas in the canals, which push waves against the building walls. It is typical also the traffic of steamboats in Canal Grande, the coming and going of busy people, the glimpse on the lagoon and the panorama of the surrounding isles. Venice is incomparable with any other city or place. It is perfect in its unicity.
Venice is always beautiful, romantic and never disappointing, either when it is cold, hot, sunny or rainy. Venice is Venice.

Venice has 16 centuries of history behind and it is an extraordinary and precious masterpiece, in which every building contains history. Despite this, Venice is not staticand, above all, it is not only history and museums. On the contrary, it has an incredible cultural vitality with exhibitions, shows, events, conference.


How to organize a wedding in Venice
Getting married in Venice is a choice of elegance and a wonderful gift both for you and your guests. However, it is also complicated because you have to think to each detail: transportation for your guests, hotels conveniently positionedand obviously the wedding location.
Choosing Venice could be stressful and tiring, especially if you would get married in a chaotic and crowded period, since it is a touristic and busy city. For this reason, you have to evaluate the time of the year in which you would like to celebrate, if you want to live the magic of that day entirely.

Which ceremony is possible to organize in Venice?
You have the opportunity of choosing a civil, religious or symbolic ceremony, : Venice will be able to donate its magic to any kind of them.
Then, it is important to choose the location for the celebration, that has to fit with you and with the style you want for your wedding.


Civil ceremony in Venice
The municipality makes different places available for a civil ceremony.
– Palazzo Cavalli, a beautiful building of the Renaissance on Canal Grande,
– The Stucchi room in Ca’ Farsetti,
– The Cuoi d’Oro room in Palazzo Vendramin Calergi,
– The Consiglio room in Ca’ Loredan.


Religious ceremony in Venice
Instead, if you prefer a religious ceremonybe sure to follow the right iter and contact the representative for each place.
The most beautiful and suggestive churches hosting a certain number of people are the Gesuiti church, the Salute cathedral and the Santa Maria dei Miracoli church. Further possibilities are the churches of S. Elena, S. Giovanni in Bragora, Madonna dell’Orto. Many others are also in the near Murano: the church of S. Maria and S. Donato for example.


The location for the reception
Wherever you decide to organize the reception, you will amaze your guests. You could have dinner under Tiepolo or Tintoretto’s frescoes, dance under the moonlight reflected on the sea, or even imagine to live in the past in ancient atmospheres.
Noble, rich and luxurious buildings are luxury hotels today. They are available for your wedding or your party and are suitable for small and big groups. These hotels have typical Venetian interiors: drapery with rich damask, baroque mirrors, embroideries, laces, candlesticks and glass chandeliers from Murano. the choice is yours..

Besides the city of Venice, you can also decide to consider the beautiful surrounding islands as Murano, Burano and Torcello, where unexpected and amazing sceneries will surprise you.

Getting married around Venice

We have already said that Venice is unique, but also the areas around it. Veneto is wonderful and many small towns have been affected by Venice and its allure. Sometimes, getting married outside Venice is an interesting and wise choice.
You can remain in the area and living the dream of a wedding in an historical and important Palladian villa. It allows you not to renounce to the splendour of Venice and enjoy the beauty of Palladio’s project that left traces also here. Then, you could find a peaceful atmosphere in this countryside, where the flows of the lagoon connect Venice to those residences.

There are many locations with these characteristics and we recommend you Villa Valier, Villa Franceschi, the Grand Hotel Cipriani and the Kempisky Palace.

  • Villa Valier
    It is an elegant villa of the sixteenth century situated in the countryside of Venice. You can reach the main gate by boat passing through the canal in front of it. The park is full of suggestive corners : tree-lined trails creates a natural cathedral perfect for the ceremony The cocktail could be offered on the wide lawn next to the area of the ceremony or under the great trees in front of the colonnade. This last area could be the ideal place for the long imperial tables.
    Finally, the party would be perfect in the comfortable cellar of the villa. All these spaces accommodate 90 people perfectly, in case of bad weather.
  • Villa Franceschi
    This villa is a refined relais of the chain Relais&Chateaux. It is situated 20 minutes far from the airport of Venice and from Venice itself and it is immersed in a lush park. The entire building is divided into two spaces: the luxurious Palladian villa, with its small square on the park and the old stables, with further rooms, a lounge area and the restaurant around the pool. The hotel is particularly versatile: it is possible to rent only the villa which accomodate until 18 people, or the entire hotel, and all the 44 rooms. In any case, the halls and the court allow the organization of receptions for approx. 60 people.
  • Grand Hotel Cipriani
    This hotel is the great classic of the Venetian hospitality. It boasts an incomparable position: in front and next to it, there are San Marco, Salute cathedral, San Giorgio church and the ancient barns overlooking the canals. The Grand Hotel, offers gardens, terraces and an orchard. Moreover, it has the possibility of organizing receptions with even 200 guests.
  • Kempinsky Palace
    This old convent of the 12th century , and starting from the 17th century San Clemente island became a celebrated place from the guests. last renovation ended two years ago and today, the hotel offers 190 wide rooms, some of them with unique architectural details, and diverse spaces able to welcome events with even 200 guests: the baroque church of San Giorgio, its front square, the various courts and gardens around the hotel and the wide inner halls. This paradise is only 10 minutes far from San Marco square.

Besides the city of Venice, closed islands as Murano, Burano and Torcello may offer you unexpected sceneries and poetic locations.

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