Martina and Andrea,
modern and elegant wedding

Martina and Andrea is a young and modern couple, with clear ideas. Wp Guya Wedding contacted us to develop with her the wedding design. A great chemestry with the young couple helped us to define their “style”. Martina, sweet but determined, Andrea the perfect storm…of sympathy. A modern wedding but not minimalist. An elegant wedding with the purpose to impress.

The story of Martina and Andrea

We met them at the beg. of Autumn and their energy impressed us from the very beginning. Sweeping! Young and modern, their liveliness influences the style choices we proposed them for their wedding and which we have defined later. The result was a modern but not minimalist wedding. An elegant wedding in the spirit of the joie de vivre.



The Wedding design

Villa Prospera is an ancient venue immersed in the countryside and surrounded by cultivated fields. Its garden invites guests to spend the summer evening in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

The basement with its low vaulted ceiling welcomed the buffet in a warm light. The wedding dinner, instead, had been arranged at the first floor, reachable by a stunning double staircase just in the center of the facade. The ambience is here renewed to offer elegant and refined halls. All the halls had been softly lighted. As the summer thunderstorm left, we set up the wedding cutting cake under the stars and the big gazebo offered the space for the party.

What we have done for them

We developed all the wedding graphic suite for this wedding and it was suggested by the desired tones chosen by the couple: a modern invite with a vellum cover and tied by a thin copper wire. A copper sealing wax with their initials.

The religious ceremony  helded in the small Church of Cassana where we set up the benches with white flowers and peacock blue and copper tissues stripes.

We worked together with WP Guya and service company to elaborate a light design adapt to that place and create with them a neon wedding sign for Martina and Andrea. We love it soooo much.

We set up also the buffet corner, the table setting for the the dining where we chose a high stand with a flower cascade of white and rose peonies; the wedding cutting cake moment and a funny ” after dinner” corner: customized ice cream. Finally the sweet corner and the italian “angolo delle bomboniere”( traditionally the wedding couple offer to all guests a present with confetti inside (confetti in Italy are sweet bonbons with almond inside).


Foto Vanity Wedding; Valeria Von Teese
Venue Villa Prospera
Design and Styling: Officina dei Matrimoni
WP Guya Weddings
Florist ElisFlor

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