Sarah and Daniele,
a real wedding inspired by the sunset on the sea

When Sarah and Daniele called us and talked about their wedding project, they described the romantic engagement at the sunset by the sea Daniele organised for Sarah. We loved that so much. We loved their enthusiasm and their pursuit of happiness together with their euphory about celebrating Love together with friends and beloved families. A sweet couple which conquered us.

We design the staging and coordinated the event.

The story of Sarah and Daniele

Daniele proposed during a surprise dinner by the sea, in a romantic heart-to-heart surrounded by candles.

Such amazing beginning! We enjoyed arrange the rest…Their desire was to celebrate by the seaside but, as we don’t live close the sea, they  chose an ancient venue in Bologna surrounded by a wonderful garden…with a perfect pool: Villa Capriata.

In the hot day of italian July the challenge was to maintain the beautiful hydrangeas the wed-to be couple chose. Even the Church entrance arragement was heart-pounding…we decided to put the decoration out the Church only at the very last minute.

Sarah e Daniele

The design of the wedding started from two favourite colours, dusty blue and peach rose, desidered by the young couple.

As the sunset on the sea inspiring the mood board. Hydrangeas blue and peach roses mixed with two different shades of green to give the flower compositions a little of depth.

In the beautiful Church of San Sebastiano in Renazzo, just re-opened after an important renovation, under the “Miracolo di San Carlo Borromeo” made by famous painter Il Guercino, we underlined with white silk palls the benches and added small flower bouquets. Simple and elegant to balance the barocco of the Church. At the Church entrance two hydrangeas installations, roses and white silk in long cascades.

The welcome drink at the venue arranged by the shadows of centennial tree, gave a rest to the hot of the day.

The magical arrived with the dark when the pool lights and the evening breeze. Sarah and Daniele happy, that’s important!

What we have done for them

We designed a fairy light pad to reach the pool and introduce finally the guests to the big gazebo where had been arranged the dining. Tables were decorated with chiffon runners in the colour chosen: dusty blue and peach rose. A high glass centerpiece welcomed flowers in the same tones of the runners.

The wedding cake cutting set up by the pool where the newly wed couple initials were reflected on the water.

A cheerful night made us forget the hottest day of July…

Foto Valeria Von Teese
Venue Villa Capriata
Design e styling Officina dei Matrimoni
Florist ElisFlor

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