Decorating a Wedding Cake Cutting Ceremony

The cake cutting ceremony is the moment that all the guests are waiting for. It is the icing on the cake, the moment of “and they all lived happily ever after” of fairy tales.
The cutting of the cake is something that everyone will remember: this is why it must be scenographic, exciting and surprising! Here are our tips for a dreamy setting!

The wedding cake is the star of the happy ending of your wedding

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the favourite moments of the newlyweds. After a day full of excitement, the never ending wait, the ceremony, the reception with a cocktail and the dinner, cutting the cake in front of all your guests is the best possible way to end a wonderful and special day.
Cutting cake ceremony deserves a very emotional moment: scenery changes after the banquet and it’s nice to surprise the guests bride and groom, too) with something really special. You can do it both inside and outside. Choose a place that is beautiful, scenic and that allows your guests to comfortably stand in front of you!

It is also the favourite time for photographers because, with the right scenery, they include in the shoots the second most exciting moment that you will find in your wedding album. For this reason, we must make it romantic, scenographic, unique and, in one word, special.

Tips for the best set up of the cake cutting ceremony

We have already mentioned the first piece of advice: set up the cake table far from the space dedicated to the banquet as to create the surprise effect.
We usually do as follow: while all guests are sitting and sharing the moment of the dinner, we dedicate ourselves to set up everything that comes next; from the table of wedding favours to the sweet table and cake cutting table. We do not do it before, especially if the space of the location does not have “hidden” corners: we want every moment of the wedding to be a continuous surprise for the guests but also for the bride and groom. It is always exciting to see their faces as they discover what we have prepared for them! While designing the setting up, we agree everything with them, of course, but the result, the final one, is always a surprise.


And now the other practical tips:

  • Even the cake cutting ceremony follow the style and theme you have chosen for your wedding.
  • It is important to share logistic plan even with catering service: not properly for the style but you have to define first where the different moments will be set up in order to avoid movement difficulties both to the waiters and to the guests.
  • On the cake table you should not forget: the cake (of course), cake knife and server set, two glasses for the happy couple toast.
  • The table should not be bulky because the main actor, the cake, must be the star. soft lights with candles, flowers, garlands all around, ribbons, as long as they are not too big and do not prevent the scene view.
  • Depending on the wedding time, proper lighting must be provided. If the ritual takes place in the evening or at night and you have not provided appropriate lighting the guests will not see you and the photographer will have to work miracles to capture the moment! Little lights, candles, lanterns, beams of light: there is an embarrassment of possibilities.
  • Remember not to delay too much with the cutting of the wedding cake. Usually, the guests wait for this great moment before leaving the party.

Wedding cakes: which one to choose?

When organizing and planning your wedding, every detail is important: the style of the wedding will have to follow a theme that will give direction to everything: from the wedding dress to that of the groom, from the ceremony to the reception. Even the wedding cake will have to be made in perfect harmony with everything else and above all, it will also have to show the personality of the couple.

3-tiered or one-tiered cake? Covered with sugar or a layer cake? High or wide? Do you prefer an Italian or an English or an American cake? Sponge cake, puff pastry or tart? Today as never before there are so many options.
There is no right or wrong one: the choice of the wedding cake is totally personal.
Let’s see together what the different types are!

The multi-tiered cake (also called Italian style)
It is the classic and traditional Italian cake. It is multi-tiered, but each cake is single and placed on cake stands, differently from the American or English cake where it results only one cake even multi-tired.
The inside is of sponge cake, stuffed with cream, fruit and whipped cream.

American cake (cake design)
Flat cake placed one on top of the other, covered with sugar or marzipan paste and decorated according to the taste of the couple and the style of the wedding.
The inside is of sponge cake or millefeuille stuffed with cream and fruit.

Mix fruit tart
The fruit tart is perfect for a one-tiered but very large cake! It can be a fresh fruit tart, cream, or both.

Single portion wedding cake
In recent times, even single-portion cupcakes are among the couples’ options. These are slices of cake arranged on several levels with various cake stands that resemble a whole cake but are instead single portions.
They can be muffins, tartlets, cupcakes, or whatever the pastry chef invents!
If you opt for the single portion wedding cake, prepare a whole cake for the moment of the cut, anyway.

If you want an impeccable setting, refined and coordinated for your wedding, but you don’t know where to start, you can watch what we can do for you! We can help you design the whole set-up or just a part. Do we talk about it together? Write to us and tell us what you have in mind.

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