Civil or Symbolic Wedding Set Up

Setting up the scenario where your wedding ceremony will take place is something that will make your wedding even more special. It is useful to make every moment unforgettable from the very first time. The set up for a civil ceremony or a symbolic ritual offers many options among which express your own creativity. Here are our tips and suggestions for a fabulous experience!

The setting up of a civil or symbolic wedding certainly varies depending on the location you choose, whether it is the town hall of your city or a beautiful villa with an astonishing garden and a breathtaking, or even a magical wood or a flowery meadow in the shade of an oak tree, you can certainly dream and create a crazy setting.
There are people saying that civil marriage is less exciting than religious marriage. Nothing could be more wrong! Even the civil ceremony can be exciting and emotional, and a perfect set-up define the right atmosphere.
Even the symbolic ritual can become something wonderful: think of a sunset in a wood or a special place to you.

Different decorations for different locations.
As we said before, a civil ceremony can be held in the town hall, in a villa, in an outdoor space, like a lawn or a beach, or in a historical building, not automatically a town hall. Depending on the place, you can really indulge and offer plenty of room to create different decorations and settings: from shabby chic to a more bohemian style, from a sophisticated style to a simpler one. Even the seasons influence the availability of certain elements, such as flowers. For example, if you opt for spring or summer you will have more choice on flowers than in autumn and winter, which could be the right time if you want few flowers and lots of objects.

Depending on the place, the season and, above all, your wishes, we can create something truly personal.

In the town hall

Unfortunately, the decorations in the town hall are sometimes quite limited. On the one hand, the municipalities themselves give restrictions. On the other hand, there are restrictions due to time schedules: some open only a few hours before the ceremony or the day before during opening hours and the setting up becomes a race.

You can opt for classic or creative floral arrangements and decorations ready to be placed, so you will need little time to distribute them as soon as they open. And if they allow you to set up the day before, choose flowers that resist, for example, the classic roses.

Often the town halls are also historic buildings that, thanks to our important history, are already plenty of beauty and precious. It is, therefore, necessary to evaluate well what is worth adding and what we can leave for the location of the reception.

Open air

In case you prefer to celebrate your wedding in the open air, you can have infinity possibilities: floral decorations, arches of flowers and ivy, ribbons and light fabrics that dominate the place dedicated to vows. Candles or lanterns that draw the path of the bride up to the groom, wreaths, objects and everything you want. It will be necessary to evaluate, together with those who manage the location, the areas of greatest impact but also the position of the sun at the time of the ceremony if it is celebrated at the sunset.

Outdoor weddings give a wide choice of style and, depending on the location style, the season and the mood you have chosen, it will be important to choose colours, objects and all the details.
A spring or summer garden will have flowering trees, blossoming flowers and a very green lawn. In autumn the colours will be crazy for the foliage, in winter you could also have snow.
Every season is beautiful and offers a breathtaking atmosphere.

In a villa

Weddings celebrated in villas also light up your imagination. Make an inspection to understand what to add to the furnishings that are already present and create something to highlight the beauty of the place. For example, objects, candles, chandeliers, lights and flowers or floral compositions conforming the mood you have chosen and the hall of the villa.
If the villa is the same place for the ceremony and reception, it will be even easier to coordinate everything: from the place of the ceremony to the halls or outdoor spaces dedicated to the banquet.

Set up tips

  • If you love pastel shades, you can choose delicate flowers such as roses, little roses, daisies, camellias.
  • Match your bouquet with floral decorations by locating small bunches here and there.
  • If the flowers, for example, the daisies, will be part of the symbolic marriage, add small details: for example, fresh daisies for bridesmaid corsages
  • Lanterns, baskets, frames to be placed in various corners of the location will give an extra touch and will create the right atmosphere to welcome you and your guests.
  • Candles always give warmth and romance.
  • If you celebrate an outdoor wedding and there are trees, decorate them with ribbons, tulle and themed items.
  • Spread on the carpet that will lead you to the altar fresh petals of the nuance chosen for the whole arrangement.
  • Don’t forget to embellish the bride and groom bench.
  • Be sure to set up the benches of your guests with some small details.

If you want help to design the style of your wedding and give life to a setting that represents you, makes you feel emotions and welcome and accompany you on your most beautiful day, look at what we can do for you or write to us and tell us what you have in your mind.

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