Wedding Favors Table

Wedding favors are a wonderful gift for your guests, a gift to thank those who have shared with you the joy of your special day.
Where do you place them during the party? If you have no ideas on how to set up that space, follow our suggestions for the setting up!

Wedding favours table is related to the Italian tradition of offering wedding favours to the guests. You choose confetti, packaging and bring them to the location of the reception, but then here are the doubts: where to place them? All stacked on a rectangular table set with a white tablecloth? Our answer is no!
Even the table for the wedding favours, like any other set-up, should be amazing and beautiful to look at. It must be scenographic just like everything else.
Nothing about creating amazing buildings, but choosing carefully the way to set up a dedicated space in line with the wedding style chosen.

Don’t let the catering set up. Especially if they have no idea about how you desire it. Every little detail must be studied and designed to be a chapter, a stop in the story you are telling.
If, for example, you have chosen a country theme, with wooden or straw elements, you certainly can’t set up the table of wedding favours with a satin tablecloth and metal or silver elements. Or a shabby chic style does not go well with a total-English setting, with silver tableware and an embroidered tablecloth. It wouldn’t fit with everything else, wouldn’t it?

Choose wedding favours and then think about setting up

In order to design your wedding favours and match it with everything else, it is very important to choose your wedding favours first. Depending on their size, shape and packaging (are they in a square or rectangular box?) the set-up will be different. If they are small you can opt for a set-up with more elements, if they are large it might be better to add just a few elements.

Whatever your idea of wedding favours is, remember that real Italian wedding favours must have confetti. It can be an object that contains confetti, like a small precious box for example, or if it is an object that cannot contain them, it must have a separate bag, but still tied to it, for example if you opt for a figurine, a jar of honey or jam, a bottle of wine, then the confetti bag will be tied to the object or put inside the box that contains them.

Our tips to set up the wedding favours table

Some advices on how to set up the wedding favours table and how to place your wedding favours at the very best and leave your guests speechless.

  • Design the table for wedding favours as if it were a specific place: imagine a room or a corner of the room.
  • If you choose a specific colour as a fil rouge (leitmotif) of your wedding, respect it also for the wedding favours table. For example, if you have chosen green, you can use some decorative elements that remind it, such as a green apple or plants, ribbons, jars, frames, etc. Background must be neutral (white, cream, ivory) to bring out the colour.
  • It is not necessary to have a real table, but you can opt for other supports. For example, vintage chairs, armchairs, open suitcases. Give space to the creativity!
  • You can also decide to give a present to each guest and place it on the table as a placeholder. In this case, you won’t be obliged to set up the wedding favours table. The object you choose will be small to be placed by each mise en place.

If you don’t know where to start with the setup for your wedding, you can watch what we can do for you! We can help you design the whole set-up or just a part. Do we talk about it together? Write to us and tell us what you have in mind.

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