The Confettata as Sweet Corner

The sugar almonds (confetti) have always been the undisputed star of every marriage. Recently, an ancient Italian wedding use has been revalued: the confettata as sweet corner. A triumph of confetti of different shape and taste at the very end of the wedding banquet.

The ancient tradition of the confettata

The confetto is present since ancient times, even if with different forms, during the wedding celebration. In the past, however, guests presented with confetti the wedding couple as a wish of prosperity. But we must wait the ‘400 to find confetti as we know them today, thanks to the sugar import from the Indies.

“Confettata” as a sweet corner originated from the typical Italian tradition of having confetti for the wedding party. It was a tradition for the newlyweds to pass and walk around the tables with a tray full of confetti to be distributed to the guests with a silver spoon.

The confettata comes back into vogue

The confettata is a recent years trend thanks to always more scenographic and sophisticated setups.
While designing the set-up, you need to think about where to place the table for the candy that will amaze your guests after the wedding cake cutting.
Confettata table must be beautiful, astonishing, scenographic and in line with the style of the whole wedding as well as the other “moments” during the party.
Organizing and preparing your confettata with decorations and elements is not difficult. Confetti are the undisputed star, of course! Over the years, with the classic sugared-almond confetti, others confetti varieties have been added, with different tastes, colours and shapes.


The sweet table as an alternative
Creating corners to add to the classic “dessert buffet” is a consolidated trend and we love it so much. It must be said that, in the last period, the confettata is often replaced or integrated with the sweet table, anglophone custom, a corner of sweets and delicacies cured not only for the quality of the products but also for its aesthetics. Compared to the traditional confettata, the sweet table has a more scenographic rendering thanks to the variety of flavours and colours. A sweet happy ending made of sweets, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, candies, cupcakes to surprise guests with taste and sight.

How a confettata should be?

The first and most important thing is to design the table for the candy or the sweet table in line with the style chosen for the wedding. It is essential that it would be part of a unique emotional style.

During the inspections of the location you will choose and identify the place assigned to prepare the confettata: a great and excellent confettata has its own dedicated space, an easy and comfortable way for the guests to
Better to choose for a table far from the other buffets, with space around and big enough to allow everyone to get close without fighting with other guests. You know, sweets and confetti attract everybody!


Set up and decorations
The whole set-up, every object, decoration and element must be in line with the theme, colour and style of the wedding. If the style of your wedding is about colour, for example, it is not a good idea to set up the candy with a blaze of different colours, yellow objects and lilac tablecloth. Each element must be in tune with everything else, favouring harmony and simplicity. Confettata should be attractive both for taste and appearance.

Confetti selection

There are plenty selection of confetti in the market. The most prized is the one with the almond covered with a thin layer of sugar icing. To distinguish yourself and make an excellent impression with your guests, choose good quality, especially for classic ones. A bad candy with a mediocre taste leaves a bitter taste.

The best option is to have the classic almond confetti accompanied by other flavoured sugared almonds with different tastes. From the creamy ones to the pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate, tiramisu, cappuccino, walnut, chestnut, to the fruit ones, such as banana, coconut, black cherry, strawberry, pear, green apple, mango, citrus fruits, berries, raspberries etc.
For flavoured confetti we suggest to focus on the quality of the ingredients. Get advice from those who know where to find them and make your guests happier. Each taste will have its tag identifying the ingredients (allergy alert).

Confetti bag
Once you have chosen the tastes, you can leave on the table small bags for the guests. You can choose from goblets, containers, jars, cups, vases with the strangest or classic shapes, backsplashes, etc. Or, if all the setup is shabby chic, eco-chic, bucolic, you could opt for cotton, linen or jute bags adorned with ribbons, flowers or ears, for example.

Bag chosen will be in line with your style and will certainly be appreciated.
You can then decorate the table with lights, candelabra, cages, ribbons, pearls, flowers, books, postcards, old photos. Everything depends on the style you choose, but try to be even more creativity.

If you want an impeccable setting, refined and coordinated for your wedding, but don’t know where to start, you can watch what we can do for you! We can help you design the whole set-up or just a part. Do we talk about it together? Write to us and tell us what you have in mind.

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