The Wedding Booklet for the Religious Ceremony

If you have chosen a religious ceremony, you could create a booklet for the wedding that will be both an important choice for you and a special gift for your guests. How is it organized? And how can you project it?

A booklet for a wedding is strictly connected to the religious service and it is used to involve the invites during the ceremony, putting them on the church benches and chairs.
It is a way to remember the personal ceremony with its most significant parts, your promises and the readings you have chosen and that carried you through the ceremony.

How to project the booklet for the ceremony

You could choose between different solutions: for example a complete one, that will include all the mass, with the readings chosen by the newlyweds, the promises of the catholic service, plainsongs.
There is also a reduced one, in which there are only the promises and the readings chosen by the newlyweds. Let’s see the various options.

The complete variation

In the complete variation, the essential parts of the ceremony could not miss. The booklet will be the guide for those people who will share with you a very moving moment. It is not necessary inserting all the parts of the mass but only the fundamentals.

The readings. The liturgy
In this part, you could insert the readings you have chosen. During the religious service, you are going to read two or three pieces from the Bible (first reading, salms, second reading) and the acclaim of the Gospel.
Many couples choose the readings for the ceremony with the priest. Often, these readings have been important for them as Christians and significant during their path of faith.

The promises. The wedding ritual
In this part, the priest and you are going to choose the formula of the Catholic ceremony and, if you desire, the promises. In this same formula, you are going to give your consent and to renew your baptismal promises. Promises are normally used during civil, symbolic or protestant ceremonies, but sometimes they are granted also for the catholic ones. The service ends with the giving and receiving of the rings.

The prayer of the faithful and the intentions
After the wedding ritual, there are the acclaim of the Credo and the prayer of the faithful, that could be personalized and read by your best man or maid of honour, friends or relatives. Ask them if they would like to do it and, in case they wanted, you could ask them to write something for you. It would be a wonderful and surely moving gift.

Plainsongs and prayers
You could choose also the songs that will be sang by the public or choir you have chosen. Also songs are prayers that tell much about you and your choice.

Sometimes, the booklet ends with a significant prayer, an invitation to do something or a simple “thank you”.

The reduced variation

If you do not want to insert every part of the complete variation, you can opt for the most significant parts for the catholic ceremony. The readings and the wedding ritual.

The preparation of the booklet

Once you have chosen the contents, you can think to the graphic part. It is important that also the booklet for the mass is coherent with the style you have chosen as common thread. It has to respect the theme of the announcements and invitations, the setting up, the ceremony, party favours and so on. Everything has to describe your wedding only with your voice. It has to become one single thing.

Choosing the font

If you are creating the booklets, it means you have already realized and sent announcements and invitations. You have to start from the graphic you have chosen for them and follow the same style for the booklets of the mass. The choice of the font follows the style of the wedding suite, if you have it. In case you do not have it, you can choose the style and, above all, the font of the announcements.
You can choose the same font of the invitations for headings and choosing an easier and more readable one for long texts, so that your guests could understand and follow the various parts. One of the family con grazie (Times, Times New Roman, Bodoni, Baskerville, Georgia, Garamond are only some of them) or one between the characters cane (Helvetica, Trebuchet, Futura, Gill Sans, etc.). Pay attention to colours. If you have a predominant colour, use it for headings and graphic details, but use black (or a similar shade towards grey) for long texts. A sufficient contrast is important to allow the reading also with little light.

Choosing the format

Normally, for the format of the booklet, people choose an A4 paper and bend it in two parts, in order to have a final format of cm 14,8 x 21 (A5). It is a standard format and it is very comfortable to be printed. Depending on the contents and if you choose a complete or a reduced variation, the number of papers will be different.

You can add an image, a draw or nothing. The important thing is writing your names, wedding date and, if you want, a quote. The rest will be inside.

Depending on the content you have chosen, so the complete or reduced variation, the layout has to be tidy, leaving white spaces to let the text breathing. Do not reduce the size of the font to have few pages but rather, add some of them. 8 pages should be enough (6 inside, the cover and the back cover).

Back cover
In the back cover, you could leave the white space or write a text, a quote you feel personal. Even in this case, leave some space around it.

Choosing the paper

Even the paper is important and it narrates, with the rest, the story you have chosen to tell. You can opt for the simple paper but with a weight superior to 80 grams. The 100 grams paper is thicker and heftier.
The colour has not to be necessarily the classic white, but for example ivory, cream or beige. Otherwise, the colour could recall the dominant one of your theme. You can also choose thicker and more particular paper for the cover and a lighter sheet for the inside.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities also for booklets, besides invitations and so on. During our experience, we have seen different themes but with completely different developments. Everything depends of the amount of personality you are going to put in every detail of your wedding.

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