The Wedding Guest Book

When, in the future, you will look back to the day of your wedding, you will probably remember the emotions, the people and the spread joy. You will leaf through the photo album to live again that day. Besides the photos, you can decide to bring to the present and future also those words that your friends and relatives have dedicated to you in your special guestbook.

Until now, we have explained all that you can leave to your guests as memories of your wedding, while the guestbook is, on the contrary, the way in which your guests could leave to you sweet memories.
On the wedding day, time flies and so, also the moments you are going to live with your guests. The guestbook will give you the possibility to live them again and remember all the friends that have been next to you that day.

The guestbook is also known as ‘the book of signatures’ and it is one of the elements of the wedding stationery, which is that set of graphic elements that give coherence and balance to your wedding. Normally, it is not a priority for the newlyweds, but according to us, it is fundamental because it will be the keeper of all the thoughts and emotions that your guests, friends and relatives will want to dedicate to you on that day.

The guestbook as part of the scenography of the wedding

The guestbook becomes part of the scenography of the wedding, coherent with its style and it will give the opportunity to your guests to leave you something.

It is not necessarily a book. Today a guestbook can be realized in different forms, even according to the style you have chosen.

For example, if your theme has to do with the sea, you could choose some glass bottles that would contain the ‘message in the bottle’.

If you have thought to create a photobooth, your photos could become the pages to fill with messages for you. For example, a Polaroid has a white part in which guests could leave a message, a phrase or a personal wish for you. Otherwise, you could leave a real photo album where your guests could insert a photo just after having taken it, also adding a message.

If the theme is shabby chic or vintage, it could be appropriate to choose a wide type drawer (those with many small compartments) where people could insert cards with messages for you.

If the theme is vintage, you could think to a typewriter, that with buttons, and some papers with envelopes to use to write personal messages.. Otherwise, if the vintage style is related to the ‘20s or the ‘30s, you could organize the guestbook post on an old desk, with writing paper, envelopes and fountain pens.

Ideas can be endless!

When choosing a guestbook

Your wedding day is the occasion to meet and spend time with friends and relatives you do not see a lot, because they live in another town or country, or just because it is not always easy to meet. The guestbook gives you the opportunity of gaining the words that people wanted to dedicate to you that day and reading them in nostalgic times.

If you are people who move in front of a personal text, the guestbook is the thing for you!
Moreover, it is always nice to give people the possibility of leaving a mark of their presence.

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