Alice & Fabio,
a romantic and modern wedding

The project for the wedding of Alice and Fabio arises from the collaboration with the wedding planner Stefano Rebecchi who asked us to realize the design of their wedding. Alice and Fabio? A young and lively couple.

The story of Alice and Fabio

Alice and Fabio got married on a day in May that didn’t show any good. In May it often happens to have sudden thunderstorms or bad weather, alas, so we initially decided for plan B with the hope of being able to change at the last moment. We have been lucky and weather improved: time gave no problems and Alice and Fabio with their guests were able to enjoy a beautiful evening with lots of red sunset that stretched infinitely over the Emilian countryside.

The location they have chosen: villa Prospera

La Prospera is a late 19th-century villa, originally a rebuilt art hunting lodge surrounded by a beautiful garden with old trees. Right in the garden we were able to set up the reception of the guests and the welcome cocktail.

The mezzanine of the Prospera, with its wonderful barrel vaults, hosted the wedding reception, instead. The warm light of the candles, amplified by the red of the bricks on the walls and the barrel ceilings, enveloped the guests in a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

After dinner, guests continued the evening in the park. For the launch of the bouquet, and for the photos, they chose the double staircase that we set up with candles to give a special allure to the evening and illuminate every step. The staircase gives access to the park where the party continued, thanks to a mild weather. From the park the couple together with their guests were able to end the evening enjoying the red sunset of May.

The wedding design for Alice and Fabio’s wedding

A young couple but eager to have a romantic note on their wedding day. Alice loves flowers and wanted them around her. So we decided to use the soft colors of pink and peach roses and peonies for the various corners. But the common thread was the gold rose that brought everything to a romantic yet modern dimension that reflected the style of the young couple.

What we have done for them

The uncertain weather of May, required to arrange the welcome cocktail partly inside the large circular gazebo in front of the villa. We used the crystal chandeliers with arms that come down from the ceiling by inserting them in large tissue installations that let the light shine through, creating a very elegant effect.

For the centerpiece we chosen gold rose geometrical lanterns for its wonderfully reflecting color of the candle light. The modernity of the lantern lines goes well with Alice and Fabio ‘s desire to have a touch of modernity and romance together. These lanterns, which we scattered throughout the garden, welcomed the guests when, after dinner, party moved outside.

For the staircase, which was the eye-catching during the second part of the party, we chose simple sets of candles. The gazebo, lit by candles and soft light , hosted the cutting of the cake which reveals itself to be the most romantic moment of the night and which also tore off a few tears.

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