What Is a Photo Booth and How To Carry It Out

Entertaining guests at your wedding? The photo booth is a funny time for your guests. Let’s give a stop to the severe souvenir photos! Let’s start the funny and spontaneous photos to be included among the most beautiful memories of your wedding!

One of the aspects that brides and grooms care the most about is certainly the guests: from the quality of the food to the entertainment. The photo booth is just a way to entertain guests by creating bizarre, funny situations that give the opportunity to take funny pictures, so to avoid an album full of “serious” photos.

The photo booth is one of the entertainments that you can organize during the wedding party for your guests. It’s such a nice idea that you can’t resist.
Let’s see what it is! Then there will be some advice to carry it out and to include it into the setting of your wedding!

What the photo booth is

Deciding to arrange amusements for your guests with some activity is always a good idea, just to involve them a little bit more and actively participate to the wedding party.
The photo booth has to be placed in a corner of the location not too close to the dinner area and can be re-used for any other kind of party.

What is it about?
It is about setting up in a corner of the location a workstation with backgrounds, objects, masks, glasses, accessories, hats, wigs, a fake mustache, frames, comics or slates available for guests to take funny and bizarre photos to take home or to be left to the newlyweds and collected in a special album as a sweet remember of the most beautiful moments of the wedding. The photo booth is very informal and is well suited to youth weddings.

Some ideas to set up your photo booth

Set up a wall with a precise background
You can use a unique background where to place the photo booth. For example, using a beautiful wall of the location, a cloth made with some graphics (think of the wallpaper: with a few rolls you can create the background you like best and in line with the style and theme of the wedding), the cloth with an inscription, forex panels, etc.

Set up a photo shoot
If you have in mind a specific theme for your wedding, for example, The Great Gatsby, and you have a location that lends itself, like an ancient villa with a large staircase, you might think about setting up the set right on the staircase adding some element from the 1920s: ostrich boas, cylinders, pearl necklaces, etc.

The photo booth
Do you know the cabins for passport photos outside the town halls or in the shopping centres? If you have never resisted using them for group photos with friends, it could be a good idea for your wedding!

The silhouettes where to put the head
Another nice idea is to hire or create thematic cutout (for example, a couple on the red carpet, a couple on the beach, two spouses) with a hole in the head, where your guests can become the protagonists! Fun guaranteed.

The frames
If you opt for the frames you can pick the one you desire the most! You will find lots of them in every shape and size. Then, place a table with some objects and disguise to leave room for your guests’ imagination.

Polaroid and album
Another really original idea is to set up an area with lots of objects, a Polaroid and an album (a guest book) where to insert the photo with space for dedications. It will be a beautiful gift that you will take home to leaf through to immerse yourself in memories.

Where to set up the photo booth

Remember that the Photo Booth should not be set up in an area that could disturb dinner or lunch. If the wedding party takes place in a large room, you can place the set near the area where the party will continue (the dance floor, the garden), or in an adjacent room clearly visible and easily accessible.

Next, place a sign that tells your guests what to do.For example, “Photo booth. Leave us your memory! Thank you, Anna and Marco”.

If you are looking for help in setting up your wedding, you can look at what we can do for you! We can help you design the whole set-up or just a part. Do we talk about it together? Write to us and tell us what you have in mind.

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