Ilaria e Alberto:
an eco friendly wedding

Ilaria is certainly a person with many ideas and very pragmatic and it was very pleasant to talk to her from the very first time.

Ilaria and Alberto, a young couple with many passions, one of these, the love for books, which has become the leitmotif of their wedding. But above all, a password: eco friendly. A beautiful and interesting mission.

The story of Ilaria and Alberto

We immediately need to include every step of our work in an eco-friendly context, an operation that is not always easy. No less stimulating, indeed!

The location they chose: Villa Zarri

They chose to get married in a beautiful, small, well-kept provincial church, and for the wedding reception Villa Zarri, an historic villa in Bologna, a residence dating back to the 16th century. completely restored in the 1700s. Since then it has remained the same together with the wonderful secular park in which it is immersed.

The wedding design for Ilaria and Alberto’s wedding

We retraced Ilaria and Alberto’s steps, following their wishes to respect books love with an environment care attitude.
The participation made with growing paper, the use of potted plants in the Church and handmade paper flowers: nothing has been left to chance. In addition to this, however, Ilaria wanted her beloved books to be the key players of her day. A rug search of old books allowed us to make every corner according to their wishes.
A styled project in which ancient books as a patrimony to be protected , has to be essential. A visual image that evokes ancient rooms covered with books or the corner of a dark studio where a lamp illuminates an old armchair and a table full of books.

What we have done for them

The font for the participations could not be other than that of an old typewriter. The same font that has accompanied us everywhere in our project. Old and ancient books have become a tableau de mariage where an old library card (a reminder of Ilaria’s work) indicated for each guest the seating table.
We have combined also for the centerpieces the passion for books with eco-friendly: over ancient books we placed a bonsai in its own vase. No cut flower was present in the Church and in Villa Zarri.
This allowed us to create what is one of our passions: paper flowers. The wonderful bouquet in pastel shades, the boutonnieres for groom, dad and witnesses, the corsages for the ladies, the giant roses for the centerpieces, the confetti table, the moment of the cake cutting.

Could you miss a book as a pillow for your wedding rings? Absolutely not.
And the wedding favor? A wonderful bonsai!

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